Flue systems for condensing boilers

The evolution of the market has led Groppalli to develop a complete range of Polypropylene accessories, especially dedicated to condensing boilers, able to guarantee total resistance to the corrosion of acid condensate which inevitably occurs and ensure a notable speed and simplicity of assembly.

Flue systems for traditional boilers

Groppalli has designed a wide and versatile range of flue systems made of aluminium, iron and stainless steel, for twin and concentric application, suitable for gas and fuel devices with high exhaust temperatures of the flue gases.

Flue systems for pellet stoves

Groppalli range of flue systems for pellet stoves offers a complete line of accessories that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, resistance and safety.

Moulds engineering and construction

Since 1977 Groppalli tooling department has been offering its experience and know-how in the design and construction of block, step and progressive moulds for the working of cold sheet metal, as well as thermoplastic injection molds and die-casting aluminum.

Fastening systems

Groppalli dynamic team is active in the design, production and sale of high quality fastening systems for electrical, hydraulic, photovoltaic and air conditioning industrial applications.

Groppalli grants customized technical solutions in a short time, design and construction of non-standard items, as well as direct assistance on site, from the field surveys to the end-product.

Blinds and shutters

Groppalli is known for innovation, design, reliability and energy saving. Products are made with the best raw materials and advanced manufacturing technologies which guarantee the absolute quality and longevity of the product.