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Our pipes are designed to best adapt to the low temperature reached by the exhaust gases of the condensing boilers (T≤ 120°); they are designed with the male-female system and equipped with EPDM joints. All our condensing products are tested and certified for H1 resistance (5000 pascal - 0.5 atm). The condensing line is composed by 4 class of products : single wall pipe, coaxial pipe, flexible pipe e insulated pipe, available in the diameters: Ø 50 - 60 - 80 - 100 - 110 - 125 - 160 - 200 - 250 - 300.


The products of the single-wall condensing line are made with top quality PPH; they are also individually packaged in a special thermo-retracted film useful both to preserve its integrity and to facilitate its retail sale. Our product lines start from Ø 50, ideal for domestic systems,  up to Ø 300, suitable for industrial systems.


The coaxial line consists of a wide range of accessories and is available in the diameters Ø60/100, Ø80/125 and Ø100/150. The most important feature of this line is the air intake and double protection function offered by the metal sheet that covers the PPH, guaranteeing the resistance of the system over time.


Our innovative corrugated flexible system is made with top quality PPH. The peculiarities of our system are: constant turns with soft angulation; high thickness, which makes it extremely resistant to condensate stagnation; easy vertical installation in the chimney. Available in diameters Ø50 – Ø60 – Ø80 – Ø100 – Ø125 – Ø160


Air-insulated line, designed for outdoor installations, available in the diameter Ø 80/100. Internal material: polypropylene. External material: painted galvanized metal. The external coating has the function of protecting the internal PP from infiltrations and UV rays, preventing corrosion. The system is available in brown and white colors.