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New Product Alert!

New Female/Female Polypropylene Adapter Ø80 for condensing boilers

New on the market:

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Special safety locking band.
  • Flue direction arrow embossed on the adapter for the correct installation.
  • Special design to assure high level of tightness.

This adapter is the perfect solution for two problems the installers often face:

  • Pipes are frequently cut to get the desired length and then the male /male ends pipe left are scrapped. Thanks to this female/female adapter the installers can save these male/male pipes and recover them by using  the female/female adapter and getting new male/female pipes.
  • PP chimney systems are subject to thermal expansion. In particular, due to high temperatures,  plastic pipes extend and the installation can bend and get deformed. This adapter can absorb the pipes movements thanks to a special 11 cm long coupling side and consequently prevent the deformation and break if routinely installed in the chimney systems.