Thanks to a young and dynamic team, Groppalli designs, manufactures and sells anchoring systems for industrial electrical and hydraulic plants, as well as photovoltaic and conditioning systems. 

Groppalli is able to provide various services: rapidly customized technical solutions, design and manufacturing of non-standard products, on-site direct assistance from the data collection, to the drawings, up to the bill of materials. 

Indeed, what makes Groppalli stand out is the technical cooperation established with retailers and end users to ensure, once again, high quality and reliability.


Groppalli is a leader in anchoring technology for the civil and industrial sectors. Its innovative and quality products, together with precise and scrupulous assistance, allow to create resistant and sustainable systems. 

The continuous research and development activities allow to constantly provide innovative solutions in line with the demands of the market, thanks to a dynamic, accurate and customer-oriented service. 

All the production processes are carried out internally, according to high quality control standards.


Our qualified and specialized technicians support the customer from the sharing of needs, to the design, on-site system installation, up to the development of new customized components. 

Groppalli offers specific advice on the materials, products and ranges most suitable for the purpose, as well as on the sizing of complete systems through site inspections, preparation of technical documentation and specific software.


We are determined to satisfy the needs of each customer with competence and commitment. In this section, you can download the Groppalli catalogues of fastening systems

Fastening Systems Fastening Systems for Photovoltaic Panels Conditioning Systems Support Brakets


Groppalli offers a complete range of fastening fittings for all sectors, from hydraulics to electricity, from heating to air conditioning, from construction to manufacturing. The specific design of each component and the careful designing of the system guarantee high quality and performance, as well as ensuring a solid, safe and long-lasting assembly. 

Our products can be used for any type of application and any type of load. Groppalli offers versatile and customized solutions that guarantee high performance, even in the presence of bad weather conditions and temperature changes. The Groppalli anchoring system is simple and quick to install and allows professionals to get extremely precise and state-of-the-art fastenings.



Groppalli offers fastening systems suitable for photovoltaic plants, customizable and adaptable to any type of roof and surface. Our easy-to-assemble solutions allow fast and accurate installations, minimizing the installer's efforts on the roof, while guaranteeing solid and safe anchoring of the panel for the entire life of the system. 
The system is equipped with substructures, fixed and adjustable clamping and hooking elements, aluminium profiles of different sizes, designed for a solid anchoring to all types of materials: tiles, corrugated metal sheet, flat or sloping roofs, as well as the ground.


Thanks to significant technological investments in extruders and latest generation machinery in the two production plants in Italy and Turkey, the Aluminium Extrusion Division is specialized in the design, production and finishing of aluminium profiles, customized according to the customers’ needs. 

In addition to a wide range of standard products, D.E.A. manufactures unique tailor-made products to offer innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for the mechanical, electrical, building, interior design, accessories, automotive and lighting sectors.


Groppalli offers a range of fittings thought and designed for the air conditioning, which includes support brackets for the installation of air conditioner outdoor units and heat pumps, vibration dampers, condensate drain pipes in different diameters, condensate boxes, ducts, elbows, connections, terminals, reducers, etc.