Was founded in 1977 as a company which was specialized in the production of toolings. In the early 80s the company started to develop rapidly, and in 1988 the construction of a series of shearing machines and toolings led to the first contacts with boiler-manufacturers. In 1993 Groppalli started to get intensively into the market, taking a dominant role in the production and marketing of fittings for heating systems.
The opening of the new 15.000 sqm plant in 1997 not only enhanced enormously Groppalli’s image, but also increased a lot the productive potential. Afterwards, the plant has been extended to 25.000 sqm and provided with two automatic warehouses,which occupy a space of 79.000 m³ .Those warehouses are run through an up-to-date computer system and equipped with sophisticated laser-led-machines.
The company has been structured in order to manufacture its products completely, turning the raw materials like aluminum, stainless steel, polypropylene, into the final articles, already painted and packed.
In this way, Groppalli is able to supply a complete range of heating and conditioning products, as well as fitting systems and toolings, even personalized according to the customers’ needs.
Nowadays Groppalli is employing about 250 people, and is carrying on a policy of investments especially in technological development. Not by chance, Groppalli company is provided with two different technical departments and with a new testing laboratory, which has been planned and built with the support of the University “Politecnico di Milano”

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